Welcome to this cultural oasis

At Frauenstein Cultural Youth Hostel, we're big on art and culture. This will become clear as soon as you arrive; artworks surround the Youth Hostel (created by young people at the annual Youth Art Symposium).
So we know we've got 100% quality!
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9.00 a.m. - 7.00 p.m.

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8.00 a.m. - 7.00 p.m.


3.00 p.m. - 6.00 p.m.


Open all year except

19. Dec 2022 - 27. Dec 2022

Preise 2022

Früstück ab Halbpension ab Vollpension ab
€ 26.00 € 32.50 € 38.50

The Youth Hostel is located in wooded surroundings on the outskirts of town, ten minutes away from the town centre.

At Frauenstein Youth Hostel we don't just place an emphasis on art and culture in our activity programmes. These aspects are also reflected in the Hostel itself as well as in the large, lovingly designed outdoor area.
Recently refurbished, this Youth Hostel has 85 beds, most of them in two to six-bed rooms, including six family rooms (25 beds in total) and eight rooms for group leaders. There is also a wooden summer house with one three-bed room and one six-bed room, with en-suite shower/WC. Guests can also enjoy a dining room, an open terrace, a playroom, two barbecue areas, the artistically designed outdoor area (approx. 2 ha), which has a barbecue hut, skittles alley, creative room, cable car, and water and sand play area. For conferences, seminars and project weeks there are four function rooms (2x 20 people, 1x 30 people, 1x 65 people) including seminar equipment (screen, overhead projector). Music lovers can use an accordion, piano and guitar. Riders and their horses are most welcome in our very own horse riding station, which has ties, a tack room, paddock and a hay store.

Raum Fläche
Max. Teilnehmerzahl
  • Kino
  • Parliament
  • Block
  • U-Form Block
    U-Form Block
  • Kreis
Etage Raummiete pro Tag
kleiner Tagungsraum 38 m² 50 18 22 34 - EG € 30.00
Speiseraum 60 m² 100 42 35 50 - EG € 60.00
Fernsehraum 26 m² 10 - - - - 1 € 10.00
Kreativraum 28 m² - - - - 16 UG € 50.00
Grillhütte 0 m² - - - - - - € 120.00
Johnsdorfer Hütte 0 m² - - - - - - € 150.00

Beamer, CD-Player, Digitalkamera, Flipchart, Leinwand, Moderationskoffer, Musikanlage, Overheadprojektor, Rednerpult, Tafel, TV-Gerät

Raum Fläche Höhe
Max. Teilnehmerzahl nach Bestuhlung
  • Chor
  • Orchester
Etage Tageslicht Raummiete pro Tag
kleiner Tagungsraum 38 m² 2.6 m - - EG Ja € 30.00
Speiseraum 60 m² 2.6 m - - EG Ja € 60.00
Fernsehraum 26 m² 2.5 m - - 1 Ja € 10.00
Kreativraum 28 m² 2.0 m - - UG Nein € 50.00
Grillhütte - - 20 - - Ja € 120.00
Inventar Proberäume

Klavier, Musikanlage / PA-Anlage


Auftrittsmöglichkeiten in der Nähe (1.0 km),

Tips for your stay

Life drawing & modelling (14 years plus): Basic anatomy and modelling in clay for beginners and experts • Following in the footsteps of famous organ maker Gottfried Silbermann: Walk to his birthplace in Kleinbobritzsch, visit the Silbermann Museum, see the castle ruins, short organ concert, tour of Freiberg Cathedral, see the Silbermann organ in Nassau • Silver mining around Frauenstein, hike to the "Silberwäsche" ("Silver Wash"), excursion to Freiberg with a visit to the "Reiche Zeche" and "Alte Elisabeth" mines and "Terra Mineralia" • Nature and environment: guided mill walk through the Gimmlitztal protected landscape area, with the "Weicheltmühle" technological monument and Illingmühle • Meet local artists

Sightseeing and excursions

Partners, links, tips and background information

The following is a list of some of our regional partners and interesting tips for your stay. Do you have any information you think is missing, or perhaps you would like to be listed as well? Please contact us.
Information about Frauenstein
Go online for a guide to the districts of Burkersdorf, Dittersbach, Frauenstein, Kleinbobritzsch and Nassau. www.frauenstein-erzgebirge.de
Riding and western riding in Saxony
Here you will find information about horse tourism in Saxony. Give the riding station Frauenstein Youth Hostel a try!
Museum learning
This site gives teachers and other interested parties an overview of educational museum resources available in Döbeln, Freiberg and Mittweida. The interesting Silbermann Museum in Frauenstein is also listed here. www.museen-entdecken.de
Gille Gallery
At the base of Frauenstein Castle lies the Gille family's old farm, with the adjoining Hofefeld gallery. The Gille family provides the Youth Hostel with key support during the annual Youth art Symposium. Gille Gallery
Freiberg Transport Authorities
Public transport timetables from Freiberg Transport Authorities, a partner of the, Central Saxony Transport Association, may be found here.
"Reiseverkehr Zimmermann" coach operator
This local bus company is our partner for regular services, holidays, excursions and field trips, and bus hire to schools, clubs and societies. www.reiseverkehr-zimmermann.de
RVD (Dresden regional transport)
Timetables, special timetables and route planning can be found on the RVD website. www.rvd.de